Born February 8th 1997, Joel has been surrounded by music his entire life. Both of his grandfathers played in bands, as did his dad, while his mom is a pianist. Joel and his family have been part of the church choir since he was a little boy. He developed a love for music from a very young age and at the ripe age of 5 he started playing the piano. Joel started singing karaoke at the age of 7 and picked up the guitar in 5th grade. During that year, he enjoyed having "jam sessions" with his Grandpa Delgado. They would, and still do, sit and jam for hours. In the 7th grade, Joel started a band with a few of his friends.

This year he has started performing on his own. During the summer of 2010, he performed at Circus Circus in Las Vegas with Lex Rox. He returned to Las Vegas in September 2010 to perform at an Art Festival. He recently opened for Lex Rox, on 10-10-10 at the M Resort in Las Vegas, where his demo was available for purchase. Joel is a Honor student, with a love for science. He also enjoys haning out with his friends, playing baseball, and throwing the football around. He looks forward to being in college one day.



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